Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Solutions 

Our services make it possible to quickly and cost-effectively create prototypes. We’re a leader with deep expertise in global manufacturing across every major geography and industry.

With more than 100 leading-edge facilities around the world equipped with advanced robotics and automation, and specializing in quality controls and Six Sigma lean manufacturing principles, Flex has the capabilities to turn your concept into a reality, specializing in:

  • Extensive program management
  • Ramp to volume manufacturing
  • Sustaining engineering through EOL


Scale innovation and accelerate time to market  

Efficiency and quality are the hallmarks of a competitive advantage in the marketplace. A successful product depends on rapid production without compromising quality. We offer leading-edge plastics and tooling capabilities that utilize induction heating and cooling for plastic injection molding for a variety of product configurations.

Whether it’s standard plastics or composites, the result is a high-quality product surface at a fraction of the time and cost. In addition to plastics and tooling solutions, we also offer 3D printing, which makes it possible to quickly and cost-effectively prototype in small batches.

We offer a variety of materials to help bring your prototype or product to life, from 3D printing materials ranging from metals such as titanium, steel, aluminum and chrome porcelain, acrylic and flexible plastics. Now you can make a 3D image of your product that you can work with and ultimately turn into a final product to produce and scale.