Scalable power modules from digital to 5G

Flex designs and manufactures scalable power supply solutions that improve the operational efficiencies of advanced data center, IT information and communications networks. Flex Coldwatt™ products provide a complete on-board system solution for cloud, storage and server applications. Coldwatt products address customer challenges while delivering superior quality, cost and performance at scale.

Superior performance characteristics

Flex Coldwatt product families follow Intel’s Common Redundant Power Supply (CRPS) form factor and features, and power most common electronic devices such as microprocessors, DSPs, GPUs, memory and storage, delivering enhanced performance, energy management and end-user value.

Key characteristics of Flex power modules include:

  • Class-leading high efficiency of up to 96.6% at half load and 96.3% at full load
  • Maximum output of 93A for DC/DC in parallel mode and 103A maximum output in single mode, or +1000W in power rating
  • Tightly regulated 36-75V output for telecom and 40-60V input voltage range for Datacom applications
  • Maximum output of 480A for Point of Loads in parallel mode and 120A maximum output in single mode
  • Maximum output of 780W for broad range of Power Interface Modules
  • Output current monitoring of +/-1A to enable highly accurate system monitoring capability
  • Rapid transient recovery time of only 1 millisecond
  • Mean time between failures at 8.2 million hours
  • I/O functional isolation of 2250Vdc, which meets the IEC/EN/UL60905 safety standard
  • Flex Power Designer adds simulation tools supporting high-current architectures, improving efficiency, filter and loop compensation and parameter settings