Flexible data center solutions for a connected world


The explosion of data in the Age of Intelligence™  has created an unprecedented shift in the way data is generated and consumed. As the demand for services and bandwidth increase, product architectures are continuously redefined by new standards, open source consortia and network applications. 

Internet Services Providers, social media giants and e-commerce trading platforms are increasingly relying on cloud-based solutions to support voice, data and video communications.

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Leading companies partner with Flex to design, deliver and deploy smart, connected hardware solutions

Increase agility and time to market

As this powerful disruption gains momentum, you need a partner with scale, speed, and scope across a broad range of diverse hardware technologies and software applications. Flex enables customers to transition to the cloud by designing, delivering and deploying a network, storage and server nodes and rack architecture solutions for new product launches and large-scale data center deployments.

Global Scale

Only Flex has the global scale and physical infrastructure to provide cloud service providers the ability to seamlessly expand their global data capacity and footprint across geographic regions – North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Flex global engineers at our Innovation Sites co-innovate with customers to create the most cost-effective and optimized solution for their needs – a solution that starts with a portfolio of reference product designs developed in partnership with technology partners that can be tested in our labs as part of the integrated solution.

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Flex is a member of the following cloud industry communities:

  • Open Compute Project (OCP)
  • Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD) 
  • OpenStack
  • Open19 
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Adapt for Success in the Digital Economy

The emerging digital economy presents new business challenges across industries and company types. Download this white paper for information about how best to leverage cloud solutions for your business.

IoT Compute Engine—EC3331

A powerful non-FDA regulated IoT solution that integrates health data from multiple consumer devices for improved oversight by healthcare providers. For more information, read the blog here.

Flex cloud solutions welcomes the new initiative, All-Flash Array, ideal for software-defined storage use.

T5224DN 2U24 HA NVMe All-Flash Array

A high-availability 2U rack-mount dual-controller 24 PCIe/NVMe SSD All-Flash Array, optimal for software-defined storage usage.

Learn how our leading-edge system integration capabilities bring your products to market faster at lower cost and with higher reliability.


Embrace the future with Flex CloudLabs

With the emergence of scale-out computing workloads for e-commerce, big data analytics, and private cloud, customers are demanding integrated rack scale hardware with integrated software stack solutions. In many cases, the complete stack is based on open source hardware and software such as Open Compute Project and OpenStack.

CloudLabs provide engineering and design services to optimize rack-level solutions with an emphasis on third-party solutions, multivendor equipment integration, and software optimization. With CloudLabs, you can accelerate on-site testing and validation of solutions for various enterprise applications and open standards including Open Compute, Telecom Infrastructure and Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter (CORD) initiatives.

Test out the latest technologies in a controlled environment. New technology options include in-server flash, NVMe, multi-core high-end Intel® Xeon® processors and PCIe fabric technology. You can also access several software solutions with options for software-defined networking, software-defined storage, storage virtualization, network virtualization, thin provisioning and software-defined data centers.


Support connect technologies with Flex enterprise solutions

Highly customized node and rack level product solutions configured for local markets. Build converged architectures for security, data storage and analytics.

Power Supply

High-efficiency power solutions

High-efficiency and cost-effective scalable power solutions. Collaborate with Flex early in the design process to build and deliver cutting-edge power supply products.

Power Modules

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Scaleable power modules from Digital to 5G. Flex Coldwatt™ products provide a complete onboard system solution for cloud, storage and server applications.

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