Redefine aviation with Flex aerospace and defense solutions

Defense budgets are being stretched as national security threats and a need for technologies to prevent them is on the rise. At the same time, passengers traveling on commercial airlines are demanding the same connected living experience they have on the ground. 


To meet this rising demand, you need a reliable partner that understands the challenges and opportunities of this highly regulated industry, which range from supporting legacy systems to combating cybersecurity threats with smart software. Flex provides technology and manufacturing solutions that adhere to the stringent quality and security requirements of aeronautics and defense while enabling customers to transform the cost structure of their operations through an optimized supply chain.

Partner with Flex to mitigate aeronautics risk and reduce costs

Flex has partnered with aerospace and defense industry leaders to deliver highly reliable and durable Sketch-to-Scale® solutions:

Flex has partnered with aerospace and defense industry leaders to deliver highly reliable and durable Sketch-to-Scale® technology solutions
  • NASA partnered with Flex to enable mobility tasks for the movable joints and motion applications in the Curiosity Rover. The sensors, called code encoders, are designed to measure actuator position, velocity and other performance criteria in extreme temperature changes.
  • Aviage Systems worked with Flex to manufacture integrated modular avionics (IMA) cabinets to support commercial aircraft programs in China. The IMA cabinet interconnects flight controls with the jetliner's other subsystems and requires a wide range of components that include high-precision card cage, multiple backplanes, and large cable assemblies.

Gain a strategic advantage with connected cabin solutions

As increasing numbers of passengers are flying for both business and personal reasons, the commercial aerospace industry is experiencing a technology renaissance powered by wireless connectivity. From personalized in-flight entertainment, which allows passengers to use their mobile devices to control the airplane’s entertainment system, to virtual reality technology, LED lighting and innovations in ergonomic seating, which increase passengers’ comfort, the opportunities to optimize the cabin experience and differentiate offerings are nearly endless. Leverage Flex’s cross-industry expertise, such as in the consumer and automotive markets, to access proven technologies and integrate them into your next disruptive aerospace solution.

"Stable growth in global gross domestic product (GDP), lower commodity prices - especially crude oil - and strong passenger travel demand portend continued growth in the commercial aerospace subsector."

Source: 2016 Global Aerospace and Defense Sector Outlook

Flex was awarded the AS9100C Aerospace and Defense Quality Certification at three U.S. facilities

Optimize your aerospace and defense supply chain with comprehensive services

Eliminate the uncertainties of relying on hundreds of suppliers and access what you need, when you need it. In order to support the aerospace and defense industry’s long product life cycles, Flex offers continuity of supply, with a broad suite of services under one roof, from fabrication and assembly of high-complexity, high-density printed circuit boards (PCBs) to assembly and integration of enclosures, subassemblies, racks, and systems.

Leverage mission-critical quality and longevity

Quality, reliability, and longevity in the aerospace and defense industry are paramount to national security. Partner with Flex to design, develop and manufacture products that meet the strict requirements governing the aerospace and defense industry. In addition to following all applicable FAA regulations, Flex’s facilities maintain all necessary certifications and qualifications for aerospace and defense, including ISO, AS9100C, Nadcap, ITAR and DMEA.


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